Keepsakes: Pamphlets from Paradise Press


(Filler text temporarily taken from Syracuse University's William and Marie Watson Paradise Press Collection description.) The plentiful and beautiful artwork in the Keepsakes came from engravings from Watson's Easy Hill Press days and from his extensive collection of original woodcuts, including many by Thomas Bewick. Bewick was one of Watson's favorite illustrators and many of the Keepsakes feature his woodcuts (see for example the 2002 holiday issue). Other artists include John DePol (the 1999 holiday Keepsake features his wood engraving commissioned by Watson for the Easy Hill edition of Mark Twain's On the Art of Writing), Edward Gorey (1992 holiday, March 1999), and William Blake (2000 holiday). On some of the items Bill used letterhead nameplates designed for himself and Marie in the 1960s by well-known English engraver, designer, and typographer Reynolds Stone (Stone's work also appears in the 1997 and 2001 holiday issues, June 1999, spring 2005, and on Watson's business card).

Items in the Keepsakes: Pamphlets from Paradise Press Collection

A delectable holiday feast of piquant sayings, humorous quotes and droll anecdotes. Together with several choice tidbits about the life and art of Thomas Bewick, the 18th-century wood engraver.

Marie proposed this printing of Reynolds Stone's wood engravings, with a note on the artists, for our Holiday Greeting.

This Holiday Greeting was typeset and printed at Paradise Press in December 1999. Bill researched the quotes, and hand-set them in Palatino Roman and Melior fonts (created by Germany's Hermann Zapf.) Marie edited and proofread the pages, and printed…

This potpourri of thoughts and quotes was handset in foundry Garamond, Palatino and Venus Light series by Bill Watson. All copies were hand-printed by Marie Watson on the venerable Vandercook press, in the month of February, 1991, at Paradise Press,…

Set into Garamond type, with wood engravings by various artists and printed by William Watson at Paradise Press, 2006.